Not too far from home—Lade

Just a few photos I was able to take during a short trip to Lade one crisp Sunday in late Spring this year…



I’m partial to anything that looks old and weathered (I guess it’s the archaeologist in me 😁), so it’s no surprise that this weathered signpost almost immediately caught my attention.



This is one of my daughter’s favorite dolls… I just love the contrast between her vibrant colors (particularly her red hair) against the somber tones of the picnic bench we were sitting on.



Djupvika was once a popular bathing spot for naturists (read: nudists) during the Summer… That is, until around 2010/11 when one local resident filed a complaint with the community, ending with the beach being «cleaned up». 


The smile that means the world to me«The smile that means the world to me» 

My little girl’s smile has always been precious to me… It is more so at the time this photo was taken, since she had been quite irritable almost the entire trip—perhaps it was the cold weather or not being able to get ice cream, or both 😄




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